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People have been telling me that Essentials has become bloated, and that there is a need for a basic plugin to replace it.


I have been working on a suite of plugins that replaces the key functions of Essentials.

See the SimpleSpawn Project


What the SimpleSpawn Suite don't offer is an economy system. That's where SimpleEco comes in.


Unlike the other "Simple" plugins, SimpleEco is stand alone and does not require the SimpleSpawn-Core plugin to work. If you are using Vault on your server, this plugin will automatically connect to Vault.


The plugin provides a few very simple features:

  • Player accounts created when they first log in
  • /balance {Player Name} command to check account balance
  • /pay [Player Name] [Amount] command to pay money to another account
  • /balancetop command to see who has the highest balance
  • /grant [Player Name] [Amount] and /fine [Player Name] [Amount] commands for admins to add or remove money from a players account
  • "Bank" support for plugins that use non-player bank accounts
  • Works with all plugins that use Vault integration


  • simpleeco.* : Access to all permissions, including admin commands
  • simpleeco.user : Access to /pay /balance and /balancetop
  • simpleeco.balance : Access to /balance
  • : Access to /pay
  • simpleeco.fine : Access to /fine command
  • simpleeco.grant : Access to /grant
  • simpleeco.balancetop : Access to /balance top
  • simpleeco.balance.others : Acces to /balance [Player Name] to view other players' balances


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