Elemental Research

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Created for the Divine Equilibrium modpack.


Players have four different elemental mana types displayed in the top-left corner of their screen.


-Fire mana is acquired by taking fire damage

-Earth mana is acquired by

-Air mana is acquired by jumping

-Water mana is acquired by taking drown damage


These manas can be used to buy gamestages or items in the research shop. The research shop can be viewed by using the Research Book item


/elem resetshop <player, is optional,otherwise on self>

Resets the stock for all items so it is as if you started a fresh world, however it will not affect any gamestages purchased, for that you will need to use the appropriate gamestage command


/elem set <player> <element> <amount>
EX: /elem set @p fire 5


/elem add <player> <element> <amount>
EX: /elem add @p water 3


/elem subtract <player> <element> <amount>
EX: /elem subtract @p air 1



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