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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.2.10-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Mar 19, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 6.46 MB
Downloads 419,785
MD5 89a5f858be13ee147a102ad50fc08268
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Version 4.2.10 - Fixes, translations and tweaks

+ Added Taiwanese translations, courtesy of chesterccj305
* All of wizardry's structures are now a bit more common by default
* Wizardry now requires Antique Atlas (if installed) to be version 4.6 or newer, fixing issue #378
* Tomes of arcana are now a bit more common in wizardry's structures, and are now more likely to be apprentice tier (the overall effect is that apprentice tomes are significantly more common, and advanced/master tomes are slightly more common)
* Wizards and evil wizards can no longer cast heal ally (it was nice of them though, even if it was an accident...)
# Fixed issue #351, where the replaceVanillaFireballs config option was not synchronised
# Fixed issue #365, an error in the Spanish handbook translations which would crash the game on launch
# Moved the spell book GUI tier, element and mana cost text to the lang files, fixing issue #368
# Fixed issue #370, where not specifying the metadata for currency items in the config led to the item displayed in the trade window having a missing texture
# Fixed issue #371, where ice spikes would crash the game if their caster logged out
# Fixed issue #372, where structures only spawned on top of 'cavern' dimensions like the nether
# Added backwards compatibility to convert old Antique Atlas markers to the new format, their labels should now translate correctly
# Fixed fireballs and iceballs not respecting the playerBlockDamage config option
# The vanilla fall damage replacement is now only processed on the server, hopefully this will fix some inconsistencies

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