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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.2.8-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Jan 28, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 6.36 MB
Downloads 141,983
MD5 5c7f88e252e76364aae9fcb432dc4367
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Version 4.2.8 - Tweaking this, fixing that

+ Wizardry's custom fireballs can now be parried like vanilla ones, fixing issue #335
+ Wizards can now cast grapple... enjoy!
+ Wizards can now cast snowball (but they don't naturally spawn with it equipped)
* Updated Russian translations, courtesy of bigenergy
* Wizardry's custom fall damage can no longer deal more damage than normal vanilla fall damage would have dealt
* Tweaked how constructs deal periodic damage so mobs don't all get hit at once, makes it look more natural
* Tomes of arcana now have more accurate descriptions, fixing issue #330
* Miscellaneous API improvements:
    > Added a SpellThrowable class for spells that shoot vanilla projectiles and projectiles from other mods
    > Added entity- and tileentity-sensitive versions of Spell#canBeCastByNPCs and Spell#canBeCastByDispensers - you can use these, for example, to make spells that wizards can only equip if they spawn in a particluar location
    > Added chainable methods for setting which items (as in books/scrolls) a spell can appear on, and which entities can spawn with it equipped
    > Added an overload to WizardrySounds#createSound(...) that accepts a mod ID; mainly for use by the Spell class
    > Added similar overloads for the texture creation methods in ParticleWizardry
    > All of the sound-related methods in the Spell class now use the appropriate mod ID for that spell; you should no longer have to override them for normal spells
    > Wizardry.proxy.addMultiLineDescription(...) now accepts format arguments
# Fixed issue #178, where players would immediately die again after resurrecting when potion core was installed
# Fixed issue #299, where the game would freeze due to a circular reference in NBT (somehow?!) - this now prints an error to the console
# Fixed issue #317, where empowering presence could be cast repeatedly to get unlimited levels of the empowerment effect
# Fixed issue #336, where teleporting away or logging out when near an entity with the slow time effect sometimes resulted in a player or mob being invulnerable and unable to affect the world
# Fixed issue #345, where wizards, evil wizards and phoenixes would play their continuous spell sounds every tick
# Fixed an issue where tomes of arcana would display an incorrect tier in their tooltips
# Fixed a (virtually unnoticeable) rounding error related to invisibility when wearing wizard armour
# Erased the stray pixel from the Skyrim-style HUD skin (What? It was annoying me...)

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