Electroblob's Wizardry

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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.2.3-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Sep 8, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 6.99 MB
Downloads 16,372
MD5 c767d04a3d6428fc174dd1fac15595c9
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 10
Java 9
Java 8


Version 4.2.3 - Hotfix


# Temporarily disabled the spells sound category to prevent issue #238, this will be reinstated later when a solution is found
# Fixed JEI spamming the log with errors about mana flask charging recipes having no output
# Fixed issue #242, where charging an item with a mana flask would wipe its NBT data

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