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This mod adds emoticons to Minecraft chat. By default, it adds all Twitch global emotes and most Twitch subscriber emotes, but can be configured to limit those further or add emotes from BetterTwitchTV or the generic Twitch smileys.


Spamming some emotes on ZeekDaGeek's Twitch channel. Twitch integration is by EiraIRC.

Spamming some emotes in ZeekDaGeek's Twitch channel. Twitch integration is by EiraIRC (optional).


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Development Versions

@BlayTheNinth on Twitter



  • Default Emotes (eira*)
  • Twitch Emotes (Global, Subscribers, Smileys)
  • BetterTwitchTV Emotes (Global, Channel)
  • Custom Emotes (available locally, by placing image files into the emoticons directory)
  • Emoticon API (other mods can use the EiraMoticons API to display images in chat, such as name badges)

Additional Credits

Thanks to https://twitchemotes.com/ for providing the API to grab all the Twitch emotes.


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