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Filename ecotones-0.3.0.jar
Uploaded by SuperCoder79
Uploaded Apr 22, 2020
Game Version 1.16-Snapshot
Size 1.62 MB
Downloads 216
MD5 d2ede3642df9d507f463334e5c9f5e52
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Java 8
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* Updated to 20w17a

* Added Clover Fields biome

* Added Poplar Forest biome

* Added Woodland Thicket biome

* Added Wasteland biome

* Added Flower Prairie variants

* Added Pine Sap, obtained by punching pinecones

* Added Sap balls, obtained by crafting pine sap together, can be used instead of a slimeball in recipes

* Added slimes to swampy biomes

* Added villages, pillager outposts, desert pyramids, jungle temples, and ocean monuments to worldgen

* Improved terrain generation

* Made surface rocks drop cobblestone

* Made biome transitions better

* Decreased the biome size

* Made rare biomes generate properly

* Made the world type text a pretty green color :)

* Sandy and short grass now drop seeds

* Fixed no animals spawning

* Fixed many other bugs

* Rebalanced shrubs

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