7,056 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This java program allows you to backup/delete/rename worlds.


  • Backup, delete or rename your worlds
  • Open NBT Explorer in the map´s folder with an button press
  • Determine the worlds minecraft version
  • Find out if the world used forge and get a mod list from the world
  • Worlds from EVERY minecraft version are compatible
  • Modify some values from the level.dat (player, difficulty and datapacks)

Extra features when loaded as mod:

  • Press key binding (default: F4) to open the window
  • Saves folder from current game is selected automatically

How to use:

As mod: Simply put the jar into the mods folder. After startup press the key binding to open the program window.

As standalone program: Just double-click the jar. When using like this you don´t need to watch out for the correct minecraft version. Just make sure you have Java 8!


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