Discord Integration

968 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod links your server chat with a channel on your discord server.


It comes with many features:

  • Send chat messages from discord to minecraft and back
  • /discord command which sends an invite url to the sender
  • Webhook mode
    • Shows player faces
    • Customizable server avatar
  • Commands
  • Server crash detection (might not always work!)
  • Player timeout detection (might not always work!)
  • Death and advancement messages
  • Channel description display 
    • Allows display of MOTD, TPS, Uptime and player amount
  • FTB Utilities shutdown and afk detection
  • API for mod developers to send messages and register commands

The bot needs permissions to modify webhooks, send and read messages and manage channels.

Quick setup: https://github.com/ErdbeerbaerLP/Discord-Chat-Integration/wiki/Quick-Setup


To edit 1.14 .toml configs I recommend this Notepad++ language definition: https://github.com/Fireforge/toml-notepadplusplus 


Fix op commands not working(1.0.4+):


 Add the UUID  from the config to the ops.json. Example:

   "uuid": "8d8982a5-8cf9-4604-8feb-3dd5ee1f83a3",
   "name": "DiscordFakeUser",
   "level": 4,
   "bypassesPlayerLimit": false


 Do not report bugs in the comments, go here instead


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