Eastward Journeys





Eastward Journeys is a Minecraft mod focused on adding new content and biomes based around east asian locales. Providing new variety to your Minecraft world. This is a full-featured mod including biomes, structures, trees, decorations, weapons and even armour skins!


This mod is a resurrection of Cherry Blossom Grotto, which was supported up till Minecraft 1.19.4. It removes some features that are now redundant, reworks others and adds new ones in there place and develops upon its experimental features.


Note: If upgrading your world from 1.20.1 to 1.20.2, you may encounter some issues with some of the blocks added by this mod. It would be recommended starting a fresh 1.20.2 world in this case



Setup & Dependencies

This is a Forge mod only. Currently there are no plans for a Fabric or Quilt version.

Currently supported for Minecarft 1.20

Requires Minecraft Forge

TerraBlender for biome generation!

Geckolib for new entities and armour skins!

Use of this mod requires both the server and clients have it installed.








  • Stone Forest - A dense jungle biome set in a karst landscape where hills of stone jut from the ground
  • Cherry Blossom Slopes - Snowy mountaintops with cherry trees and hotsprings
  • Cherry Blossom Bamboo Jungle - Bamboo jungles peppered with cherry blossom trees
  • Eastern Forest - A flowering forest mixing oak, birch and cherry trees
  • Maple Woods - Woods of red maple trees whose leaves fall and gather into piles on the ground
  • Maple & Oak Forest - Oak forests peppered with red maple trees
  • Shrublands - A desert biome with small sparse trees and more cactii
  • Hinoki Woods - Dense woods of hinoki trees
  • Old Growth Fir Forest - Giant water fir (also known as dawn sequoia) trees grow in forests with many pools of water in which rice paddies sometimes grow


Wood Types

  • Hinoki
  • Maple
  • Water Fir (also known as dawn sequoia)
  • Saxaul
  • Black Pine



  • Gazebo - Small mysterious little refuges that spawn in many eastern region forests
  • Giant Buddha Statue - Large buddha statue said to house a secret
  • Terracotta Tomb - Ancient tombs protected by a maze of forbodding terracotta warriors
  • Great Wall - A long winding dungeon that resides in a giant wall filled with mobs and traps
  • Torii Gate
  • Cherry Blossom Village - New village variant with custom villager skins and new buildings found in eastern biomes
  • Fallen Ancient Tree - Remains of a giant tree that have since fallen



  • Koi - Fish that has a variety of skin patterns
  • Tanooki - Mischevious mammal that will steal any food item that drops to the ground near it
  • Terracotta Warrior - Warriors made of terracotta that are slow and clunky



  • Red Fence - New fence model painted a bright red
  • Paper Lantern - Red lantern made of paper and a torch
  • Hidden Trapdoors - Trapdoors that match the skins of the block it was crafted with. Most vanilla planks and stone types support this feature
  • Zen Lantern - Stone lanterns for eastern inspired gardens
  • Shoji Screens - Paper screens that act as walls but do not block light. These are empty frames which can hold a sheet of shoji paper. Shoji screens have light and dark wood variants
  • Gridded Shoji Screens - Variant of the shoji screen with a wooden grid
  • Gridded Shoji Screens with Heavy Bottom - Variant of the shoji screen with a wooden grid and a bottom board
  • Small Shoji Screens - Half-size variant of the shoji Screen
  • Tatami Mats - New type of carpet blocks that can be crafted in two sizes and colours
  • Enoki Mushroom Block
  • Polished gravel - Variant of the gravel block which can be raked with a hoe to display different patterns on the top layer




  • Enoki Mushroom - mushrooms that grow in small clusters from the ground or wood blocks
  • Shiitake Mushroom - mushrooms often found growing from the side of wood blocks
  • Flowering Cactus - Small succulents that are in bloom



  • Rice Paddy - A crop that grows only in dirt that is one block deep in water



  • Shoji Paper - Sheets of paper painted with a pattern (determined by an item added to the crafting recipe) intended for placement within an empty shoji screen.


Shoji Paper Patterns

There are 6 shoji paper variants currently:

  • Base - No changes
  • Cherry Blossom - add pink petal to the recipe to get this pattern
  • Wave - add blue dye to the recipe to get this pattern
  • Red Sun - add red dye to the recipe to get this pattern
  • Moldy - add black dye to the recipe to get this pattern
  • Golden - add gold nugget to the recipe to get this pattern



  • Onigiri
  • Congee
  • Cooked Koi
  • Maple Syrup



  • Katana
  • Kunai
  • Shuriken



  • Kabuto
  • Ninja


Additional compatibility


Compatible with Motschen's Better Leaves resourcepack in Minecraft 1.19+! Instructions and assets needed to improve cherry blossom trees can be found here.

To support waving leaves with BSL shaders, consult the README on the project source here.




Dekunutter for coding and art assets

junshengxie for simplified Chinese language translations