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Early-Game Buckets

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Requires Fabric API

A small fabric mod which adds some new early-game buckets!

Wooden Bucket

The wooden bucket is the first bucket you'll likely be able to craft. It requires seven wooden planks arranged in a U-shape and has durability for up to 64 uses.

You can carry water, milk, and fish in a wooden bucket, but you can't carry lava!

Durability on a bucket goes down each time you place or consume a liquid or place a fish. Wooden buckets can be repaired in the crafting grid or at an anvil when empty, or you can use them as a fuel source. You cannot use wooden buckets containing a liquid as fuel, nor can you repair non-empty buckets.

Clay Bucket

The clay bucket is an unfired ceramic bucket. It is not able to hold any liquids until it is fired... or will it?

Clay buckets can be fired in a furnace.

Ceramic Bucket

The ceramic bucket is a bucket made by firing a clay bucket in a furnace or kiln. Ceramic buckets can carry water, milk, lava, and fish.

Picking up lava in a ceramic bucket will greatly reduce its durability. Ceramic lava buckets can be used as a fuel source like iron lava buckets, but the fragile ceramic breaks and is consumed when the bucket is used in this manner.

Ceramic buckets are twice as durable as wooden ones. Empty buckets may be repaired in the crafting grid or at an anvil. You cannot repair non-empty buckets.


This mod requires the Fabric mod loader and the Fabric API mod.

For the 1.16.5 version, if you want to be able to craft and use kilns, make sure to install Boundarybreaker's Kiln mod.


  • 1.16Feature complete!
  • 1.17: Out now!
  • 1.18-1.18.1: Out now!
  • 1.18.2: Out now!