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Dynamic View[Fabric]

This is a small/light serverside utility mod to help balancing lag(tps) and chunk view and simulation distance. When the server is not lagging it increases the chunk view and simulation distance, once it goes over the given lag threshold it reduces the distance. 

This is the Fabric version, for the Forge version click here: Forge

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  • Min and Max Chunk view distance
  • Min and Max Simulation distance
  • Average tick time(TPS) to balance around
  • Update frequency

This mod is only required on the server.

Average tick time config details:

The average tick time in the config allows you to determine the tps at which the distances get balanced around.
Tick time = <50 ms = 20 TPS, Tick time = 100 -> 10 TPS, tick time = 200 -> 5 TPS.

Version 1.18 Note: Vanilla changed behaviour of view distance changes, now they trigger a chunk reload on client-side. To avoid these I recommend using https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/farsight alongside this.

No known incompatibilities.

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The development is an unpaid free-time activity, so any support helps being able to spend more time on it.
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