Dynamic Surroundings: SoundControl

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NOTE: The JARs I build are published only to CurseForge.  I cannot vouch for the JARs found on other sites because I do not know their origin.


Brings features from Dynamic Surroundings 1.12.2 as well as some new ones.  Sound Control is a 100% pure client side mod meaning that it does not have to be installed on a server to get full functionality.


  • Sound Culling: Minimize the repeated playing of specified sounds over a short period of time.  Useful for cutting down on the noise around animal pens or other noisy contraptions. 
  • Sound Blocking: Prevent any registered sound that is played through the Minecraft engine, like gnatts and insect buzzes from certain unnamed mods. 
  • Sound Volume Scaling:  Some sounds are either too loud or too soft.  Increase or decrease the volume at which they play. 
  • Cave Reverb:  The larger the cave the longer the sound decay. 
  • Sound Occlusion:  Sound dampens the further it travels through blocks. 


Currently no configuration GUIs - all done through the TOML configuration file.  GUIs will be created once Forge catches up.


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