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Crystals are a rare resource found while mining in the world, they are used to make DUST which is the foundation for a great number of magical Blocks, Items, Spells, Enchantments, and more!

As you discover more about the world, you will find more uses for dust and maybe even unlock some of its secrets through your research and experiences!


As of now this project is [WIP] Work In Progress as I continue to work out its many features and magical systems, it is however completely playable (although not entirely balanced).

It has world Gen with structures that have some decent loot, constructs of crystal clusters you can create that give beacon like effects in a small area, a simple spell system of dropping dust on the ground and lighting it on fire for effects, a huge selection blocks that you can build with, wood that is OreDictionary'd so it works in all sorts of recipes, fuels from the woods, utility blocks that in large quantities might be pretty powerful but are hard to obtain since it requires much resources to grind, and a basic armor set which has set enchantments, some of which you cannot find anywhere else.


A good starter spotlight to watch is made by BlackSpider here:

Mod Spotlight - Dust mod (Part I)


There is also a second tutorial out by Trikzon:


Dust by Mowmaster - A Colorful Magic Mod

Personal Use
Anyone can download and put in their personal pack, no permission needed.
Error reporting should be done in github not in the comments section here.
Please let me know if you plan to use this in a pack, this isn't required but I might be able to better assist you with issues if I have access to an instance of the pack up front. Best way to get a hold of me is email:  mowmaster@outlook.com or in my discord via a ping: https://discord.gg/TuJRQxC
For error reporting I would prefer the mod pack makers post issues so I know who to contact for more information on the issue. 


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