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Durability Notifier is a small client-side mod that uses various methods to notify the player when there tool is low on durability. It uses subtle methods like using sound or potion effects and is fully configurable via the in-game configuration menu for ease. So, you can configure the mod how you like it.

For more information on what settings are available see the detailed explanation for the configuration below.


The mod tries to stay as vanilla server friendly as possible. The only feature that doesn't work while connected to a vanilla server is the GiveFatigue feature.


  • GiveFatigue - if true gives the player mining fatigue when the tool hit it's max so you won't accidentally break the tool. (Defaults to false) Has been temporarily disabled since 1.13+
  • Percentage - is the percentage from 1 between 100 of durability of the tool it checks for (Defaults to 10)
  • PlaySound - if true plays a noise to the player if they try to use their tool while it's low on durability (Defaults to false)
  • SendMessage - if true displays the message that your tool is low on durability (Defaults to true)
  • SendMessageColor - chooses what color/colour the message will be. (Defaults to YELLOW)
  • soundlocation - specifies the soundlocation of the sound that "PlaySound" will play. If the sound location inserted is false it will say so in the log.
  • volume - changes the volume that "PlaySound" uses to play the sound.



  • Where's the config located? It's located within your instances "config" folder
  • How can I change the config in-game? You can't unless you install Configured



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