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Filename DungeonsMod-1.16.3-1.1.18.jar
Uploaded by dainxt
Uploaded Jan 17, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +3
Size 927.79 KB
Downloads 51,311
MD5 2fa285a046a8c259852d76a807b2a88a
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Hotfixes Patch!

- Bunch of bug fixes
- Making some changes to structures
- New mob: Pices (WIP)
- New Mini Boss: Winter Hunter (WIP)
- Fixed error throwings on server's starting
- Fixed guards not rendering armor
- Fixed errors with external blames with loot tables
- Adding blacklisting biomes for mobs and structures.
- Adding the possibility to expand the pages for translations up to a maximum of 16 pages
- Adding updated Russian Translations by chechnyacool488.
- Now traveler will protect the coal block at invocation
- Buffed Crawler drops
- Improved Rogues AI
- Piranhas now can be catched by buckets.
- Fixed a crash when using golden bones on left hand.
- New model for anthermites and rogues.
- Adding emmisive mappings for entities, this will make some mobs glow in the dark!
- Fixed a bug that nerfed the Crawler