Dungeon Tactics

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Filename DungeonTactics-1.12.2-0.16.6.jar
Uploaded by PegBeard
Uploaded Aug 26, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 f7b74b734ad43051ed967f9e6ff5e83a
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*More work on 3D models*More work on 3D models
+Added aluminium and nickel ore clusters
*Fixed furnace recipe registration
*'Aquired' a dart board for a throwing knife target
*Major changes to slingshot projectiles:
        -Projectiles unified to one entity
        -Changed the way Infinity enchant is handled
*Went paintballing
+Added Slingshot Ammo:
        -Other ammo types still work
        -This item can be 'customised' by using it on flowers for various effects
+Added recipe for Climbing Rope
+Climbing Rope can now be right-clicked to instant climb, similarly to ladders
*Went go-karting
*Messed around with the config - you will probably need to delete your old file
+Added Mithril
+Config to disable double cooking iron to make steel
*Ate an ice-cream
*Fixed config to disable 3D item models
*Fixed duplicating knifes bug
*Couple of recipe tweaks
*Should fix CraftTweaker compatability
*DuctTape is now slightly more effective if you have at least 1 level, but does not require a level to be used
*Rescued a pigeon and taught it to fly... Named him Parrot
*Possibly fixed issue #100 - compatability issue
+Added config to disable certain enchants (Smelting, Lifesteal, Berserk & Runed)
*Changes to in-game Dungeonpedia volumes:
        -Added missing recipes
        -Possibly fixed issue #68 and #94
        -Updated information
*The Mothership over-fed Danger Mouse and now he has a phat badonka-donk
*Sepparated config to enable/disable dispenser utility tools and weapons