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Drones is a small mod with mobs originally Made for the Invasion Mod-pack by Darkosto available on the Curse Launcher.


Drones adds Just 2 Mobs and 2 items to your world, an aggressive drone that flies and shoots a saw blade at you and a player made drone that will protect you and attack hostile mobs with built in lasers. The player drone will display the owner's head.


Hostile Drone

Player Drone


Drone Disruptor.

The Drone Disruptor is a craftable item that will send out an 'EMP' signal which will destroy any non player drones within range.

This is a 1 use item and crafted as below.


Drone Constructor.

The Drone Constructor is a craftable item that will spawn a player owned drone. The drone will display the player's head as a way of showing it's owner. Player drones have a ranged attack laser that will shoot 2 beams, on a small cool down, that will harm hostile mobs but not other player drones or players. Player drones will follow their owners and also melee attack hostile targets.

This is a 1 use item and crafted as below.

There are several configuration options available to change how the mod works including mob damage, health and spawning rules.

The in game config menu available from the 'mods' tab on the main menu allows you to customise many aspects.

Drones will not spawn in The Nether, The End, and any Biome that has an Ore Dictionary type of WATER or OCEAN.

Any settings in the config file based on 'days' are set as in game days from when you 1st started your world.