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OTG V9.5 R1
- DT - DT-Bop - DT-Traverse - DT-Defiled - Defiled Lands - Biomes O Plenty - Traverse - Ice & Fire - Baubles - LLibrary - CoralReef - Rustic - Quark - Charm - If you want to play Dregora with RLCraft then please add OTG V9.5 R1 - DT-BOP - BOP to your existing RLCraft installation.


For your best game play experience use the custom config package:
Join the RLCraft discord server: https://discord.gg/shivaxi
then join the following channel: #🔹┆rlcraft-dregora and follow the instructions as stated in the channel pins.


For servers put this in your server.properties: (Case sensitive on linux bases OS)


Quality Disclaimer:

Dregora-RL is designed for RLCraft in coordination with the RLCraft team which had tailored numerous configs to create the gameplay we all know for RLCraft. These configs have not (yet) been adjusted to work with Dregora-RL and thus there will be some generation issues where structures may spawn in ugly ways. Fixes for these issues have been prepared for which RLCraft holds the rights to distribute them. As we are all still working on this project I urge you to be patient.

Something that has to be said about the RLCraft team:

Since the start of Dregora in 2013 I have rarely had the privilege to work with such great people which despite their huge and still booming popularity havent had it raise to their heads.


What is Dregora RL?
Dregora RL is a world generator created using OTG for use with RLCraft including over 800 biomes and 20000 biome objects including custom trees, rocks, caves, huge dungeons, villages, medieval cities, both sunken as intact or stranded ships, futuristic apocalyptic structures and cities, custom loot tables, treasure hoves, the ocasional lore expaining what had happened to the world and much, much more!

Dregora RL Consists of the following key points:

- Infinite procedurally generated custom & random terrain.
- 800+ biomes as of latest release(s) + 20k structure objects ranging from small pebbles to cities.
- Thoruhgly tested compatibility with RLCraft and all the mods it contains.
- Dregora spawns all the default resources and structures you would normally find in a RLCraft world.
- Huge hand-crafted sections of map seamlessly generating within the procedurally generated terrain.

Other Presets by Eagle:
https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dregora-o-plenty [Dregora + Biomes O Plenty]
https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dregora [Dregora Remastered]


Trailers, video's & playthroughs:

Shivaxi's Stream (Twitch)


Additional Information:

Teleportation Commands:
I've narrowed down the list as Dregora contains much more biomes but these should be enough for reviewing purposes.

------------- NATIVE TO DREGORA BIOMES -------------------

City Biomes:
/otg tp Atomic City - Desert City Biome
/otg tp City of Blight - Jungle City Biome
/otg tp Lair of the Thing - Ice City Biome

Example of river generation:
/otg tp Dregora_RockyPlainsBorder_River

Corrupted biomes:
/otg tp Dregora_CorruptedBloodForest - this is a blood stained jungle
/otg tp Dregora_CorruptedCherry - is kind of like a plains with huge oak trees
/otg tp Dregora_CorruptedJungleDense - Has some cool huge trees
/otg tp Dregora_CorruptedPineForest - has huge purple pine trees
/otg tp Dregora_HighlandsMountainMedium - Corrupted Mountains

Regular biomes:
/otg tp Dregora_DryRedwood
/otg tp Dregora_DrySavannaVolcano
/otg tp Dregora_DrySavannaCompat
/otg tp Dregora_DryWastelands
/otg tp Dregora_FrozenMudMountainSummit
/otg tp Dregora_FrozenTaigaForest
/otg tp Dregora_LimestoneMountainHigh
/otg tp Dregora_LushMesa
/otg tp Dregora_Ocean
/otg tp Dregora_SubPlains
/otg tp Dregora_SulfurDeposits
/otg tp Dregora_VikingLand (Villages taken over by zombies)
/otg tp Dregora_VikingLand_F (Villagers live here, biome has increased rarity)
/otg tp Dregora_CorruptedRoofedForest
/otg tp Dregora_CorruptedFlowerPlains
/otg tp Dregora_Shrubland
/otg tp Dregora_ToxicSwamp
/otg tp Dregora_WastelandPlateau
/otg tp Dregora_DryDunes
/otg tp Dregora_RockyPlains
/otg tp Dregora_DeadSwamp
/otg tp Dregora_DryForestBirch
/otg tp Dregora_DryMesa
/otg tp Dregora_DryPlainsCompat
/otg tp Dregora_Ashlands

------------- BIOMESOPLENTY BIOMES -------------------

City Wastelands Biome:
/otg tp Steppe ( This biomes contain wasp nests! )

Adapted Bop Biomes:
/otg tp Prairie (Land of giants like... I could spawn more cyclops here ;) )
/otg tp Redwoods (One of my favorites!)
/otg tp Volcanic Plains (This one is really rare so it's likely you'd need to teleport 10k ahead multiple times)
/otg tp Bamboo Forest Hills (these two Bamboo biomes are quite different from one another!)
/otg tp Bamboo Forest
/otg tp Cherry Blossom Grove
/otg tp Cold Desert
/otg tp Coniferous Forest
/otg tp Dead Forest
/otg tp Eucalyptus Forest
/otg tp Glacier
/otg tp Grove
/otg tp Kelp Forest (I really like the kelp that grows here, I also placed these in some rivers)
/otg tp Land of Lakes
/otg tp Lavender Fields
/otg tp Lush Desert
/otg tp Mangrove
/otg tp Moor (These are the "Ugly crag biomes" See if you think them ugly now!) - (Add Crag blocks
/otg tp Mountain (These spawn in the Moor biomes)
/otg tp Mystic Mountain
/otg tp Ominous Woods
/otg tp Overgrown Cliffs ( Has some real cool unique Dregora generation! )
/otg tp Spring Dunes ( Spawns in a cavern!, look below the ground) - These previously contained the OP hotsprings.
/otg tp Tropical Rainforest
/otg tp Tropics
/otg tp Wasteland
/otg tp Wetland
/otg tp Alps
/otg tp Bayou
/otg tp Brushland
/otg tp Quagmire Plains
/otg tp Flower Field
/otg tp Flower Island
/otg tp Fen
/otg tp Coral Reef
/otg tp Grassland
/otg tp MapleWoods
/otg tp Oasis
/otg tp Orchard
/otg tp Origin Island
/otg tp Outback
/otg tp Rainforest
/otg tp Rocky Seasonal Forest
/otg tp Seasonal Forest
/otg tp Shield
/otg tp Snowy Coniferous Forest
/otg tp Woodland
/otg tp Xeric Shrubland
/otg tp Dead Swamp
/otg tp Bog
/otg tp Boreal Forest
/otg tp Chaparral
/otg tp Lake
/otg tp Rocky Woodland
/otg tp Schrubland
/otg tp Tundra

------------- TRAVERSE BIOMES ------------------- (Completed 4/5 quality passes over this biome)

Traverse biomes are special because unlike Biomes O Plenty there was close to zero compatibility from the start with OTG meaning I had to entirely re-design the biomes from ground up. Therefor I spend much longer on Traverse biomes and paid much more attention to detail. For the version that includes BOP I have also used a lot of BOP resources. So take note that the quality of all biomes will be made to match the quality of these plus some.

Aside from that all biomes till need to be put under my big ol magnifying glass to improve quality of all once more.

These biomes really, really capture the essence of Dregora.

/otg tp Ashen Blood Peaks
/otg tp Traverse Ashen Hills (Same vibe as Ashen Blood peaks but lower, without dragon nests but with Dregora's custom mineshafts!)
/otg tp Traverse Autumnal Woods ( Mix of Traverse and DefiledLands )
/otg tp Traverse Badlands (Needs some work if a river happens to cross through)
/otg tp Traverse Blood Hills (Has a Temperature issue, snow on top of trees)
/otg tp Traverse Coniferous Forest
/otg tp Traverse Desert Shrubland ( Needs some river border improvement, probably fix up Creek a bit)
/otg tp Traverse Glacier Spikes
/otg tp Traverse Jungle (Take a look here, make sure you try and spot a river that goes through as it has some real cool generation)
/otg tp Traverse Mountainous Desert (Colorfull mountains! and a grand canyon if a river happens to go through it)
/otg tp Traverse Rocky Rainforest ( Mixed temperate rainforest with defiled lands)
/otg tp Traverse Thicket
/otg tp Traverse Woodlands
/otg tp Mystic Glacier
/otg tp Traverse Red Desert
/otg tp Traverse Rocky Plains
/otg tp Traverse Rocky Plateau

------------- DEFILEDLANDS BIOMES -------------------

Unique stand-alone Defilelands:
/otg tp Defiled Hills
/otg tp Defiled Snow Plains

These are the same as:
/otg tp Defiled Rainforest ( Traverse Rocky Rainforest
/otg tp Defiled Autumnal Woods ( Traverse Autumnal Woods )

These still need some work:
/otg tp Defiled Desert ( Traverse Red Desert - Not spawning again? )

------------- FROMIMAGE BIOMES -------------------

Fromimage biomes are a set of biomes that have been generated using a map as their blueprint so these are not randomly generated but in return offer a lot of control over the placement of said biomes. There are several area's like this within Dregora which you will be able to easily find at map.dregora.com which brings me to the following;

I urge you to read carefully as many people mistake Dregora to be not random at all at this point. All of Dregora is randomly generated except for some unique locations. If you keep traveling outwards new terrain that differs per map seed will generate.


/tp 7216 200 -15229 ( Canyon/Rainforest )
/tp 13584 200 -8735 ( Magical Bog )
/tp 15102 200 5180 ( Ghastly Crater)
/tp 7490 200 12900 ( Frozen Volcano ) - Take a look underground
/tp 6904 200 13584 (Fiery Ice Canyons)
/tp 4936 200 13754 ( Glacier, Take a look around at the mountains and specifically underneat the icesheet & mountains! )
/tp -3818 200 16303 ( Corrupted Jungle Volcano )
/tp -1269 200 16250 ( Rainforest Waterfall )
/tp -1040 200 17182 ( Rainforest Canyon ) These may or may not contain a rainforest village as they randomly spawn at these spots. There are many more spots though.
/tp -2304 200 15107
/tp -2846 200 16557

/tp -12080 200 12807 ( Desert Canyon )
/tp -11333 200 6733 ( Sulfuric Swamplands ) - Border needs some work
/tp -17182 200 3842 ( Quarries, Take a look below! )
/tp -17026 200 2719 ( Spooky Church ) - Needs way less bewitched scarecrows to fix TPS.
/tp -16215 200 2006 ( Mountain lakes + Waterfall, May also contain some special mineshafts )
/tp -14902 200 -3793 (Kingdom of Dearoc should spawn around this location, takes a hit on FPS loading it in completely. The town is located on a hill. )
/tp -15947 200 -3896 (Contains farmland and farmhouses and some other structures)
/tp -13784 200 -8476 (Mountain Ranges within it's valleys spooky forests. Also contain various structures)
/tp -17294 200 -11225 (Spooky Swamplands)
/tp -11005 200 5844 (Corrupted Mudlands)


There are many, many other things within Dregora, for example there's the whole cave system underneath Rainforest biomes (e.g. /tp -2197 200 16430 - Needs some more foilage tho ) Or the City of Origin around /tp -17065 200 5127 but by now I am pretty sure you agree with me when I say Dregora's big, very... very big.

For this I want to reach out my hand in performing the work on configs for BOP & Native dregora biomes and I am hoping that having showed what I do has put enough faith in my capabilities to get this done.



Known Issues:

If you have any issue to add to this list please let NLBlackEagle know!

  • It takes time to unpack the world. This will be improved in next builds.
  • Need to review some biomedict id's so that Recurrent Complex & Other mods spawn their structures better.
  • Snow has a cube pattern in some biomes.
  • water at ice biome under lanterns in city where rest is ice



  • /otg tp <biomename> (teleports you to biome)
  • /otg biome (displays biome you are in)
  • /otg entities (displays entities otg can spawn)
  • /otg particles (displays particles otg can spawn)
  • /otg biome -m (displays natural mob spawns in current biome)
  • /otg structure (displays the structure you are standing on top of, only works with customstructures which are the big ones)


vanilla compatible, e.g. jockeys but then wither skeletons on polar bears.

  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T1
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T10
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T11
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T12
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T2
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T3
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T4
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T5
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T6
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T7
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T8
  • /otg spawn Corrupted_Mutant_T9
  • /otg spawn Creeping_Death
  • /otg spawn Dismemberer
  • /otg spawn Frozen_Walker
  • /otg spawn Gluttony
  • /otg spawn Golden_Chick
  • /otg spawn Haunted_Glory
  • /otg spawn Haunted_TinySword
  • /otg spawn Haunting_Head
  • /otg spawn Haunting_Head_Tiny
  • /otg spawn Herobrine
  • /otg spawn Kindled_Berserker
  • /otg spawn Kindled_GreatSoul
  • /otg spawn Kindled_Spirit
  • /otg spawn Kindled_Summoner
  • /otg spawn KoppenSneller
  • /otg spawn Legged_Creep
  • /otg spawn Legged_Guardian
  • /otg spawn Lone_Golem
  • /otg spawn Many_Eyes
  • /otg spawn Nemesis
  • /otg spawn Posessed_Pickaxe
  • /otg spawn Pyromancer
  • /otg spawn RedCloak
  • /otg spawn RedGuard
  • /otg spawn RedShield
  • /otg spawn Shadow_Rider
  • /otg spawn Shadow_Stalker
  • /otg spawn Spooky_behemoth
  • /otg spawn Spooky_plainschief
  • /otg spawn Stalking_End
  • /otg spawn The_Digger
  • /otg spawn Twilight_Warrior
  • /otg spawn Warlock
  • /otg spawn White_Howl
  • /otg spawn White_Night
  • /otg spawn Wisperer


Dregora's Succession:
In case 'truck-kun' comes along and 'isakai' me to another world I grand anyone the permission to copy this project under the MIT-License.

Hereby I also grand anyone permission to copy this project under the MIT-License if I, NLBlackEagle show no interaction on the following platforms for over a year; Dregora's Discord, Curseforge, OTG discord, Website and through mail@dregora.com