dreamCritting's cave update

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This mod adds a massive cave dimension and changes the overworld caves too! With loads more stone types, a few new ores, a new boss, and more dungeons.



To get to the massive cave dimension just make a Bedrock Miner, then right click it on the lowest layer of bedrock in the overworld, then jump into the black portal it makes Make sure you have space in your hotbar for a special item you will be given - you will need it! The bedrock miner also works like a diamond pickaxe


You can right click with the pickaxe on layer 127 in the cave dimension to get back, but BE CAREFULL - put some blocks 2 blocks above the portal in the overworld otherwise you might end up in a loop falling into the portals as soon as you appear. And you may need to bring fire resistance potions for when you return to the overworld, you might appear in lava and need them


Dark stone can be crafted into cobblestone.


There is a boss which looks a lot like mob d from the list of possable mobs to be added in 1.13 (The Phantom won), it drops a Blaze King helmet which is better than diamond, the boss spawns in the cave dimension so be carefull when exploring.


Blaze King stats:


 Health: 350

 Damage:  7

 Attack: fireballs and hitting the player

 Rarity: uncommon - and best avoided unless you have good gear

 Despawns?: yes

 Armor points: 10


 Cavepig stats:


Health: 50

Damage: 5

Attack: hitting the player

Despawns?: yes

Rarity: common - but only found on the cave floor

Armor points: 0

Drops pork chops


Jellyfish stats:


Health: 50

Damage: 6

Attack: hitting the player

Despawns?: Yes

Rarity: common, but only in water, and there isn't much water

Armor points: 0

Drops: raw fish



See the images page for some other usfull info: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dreamcrittings-cave-update/screenshots

And if you want you can look at the Planetminecraft page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/cave-update-4704538/


Total mod elements: 185


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