Dot Coin Mod

2,278 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 31, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod adds uncraftable coins to the game. It is intended for modpacks/servers. It is highly customizable, so take a look at the config!


Feature list:

- Copper, Iron, Gold and Diamond coins that can be dropped from any living thing.

- An item bag to store the coins in and a purse for the ladies!

- In-built mod support (the mod entities must extend LivingEntity).

- Extended mod support through configuration.

- A wide range of configuration options for you to fine-tune this mod to best suit your gameplay.


These coins are dropped by all mobs and have different drop rates:

Copper coin - 65%

Silver coin - 24%

Gold coin - 8%

Platinum coin - 1%


These are the default drop rates can be changed in the config.


The rarity does not change according to the entity it is dropped from. However the amount of health the entity has will affect the amount of coins dropped. By default the amount of coins dropped is the entity health / 20 (plus any looting).


Conversion Rates

By default, this is the conversion rate for each coin. This can be changed in the config file.


10 copper coins are equal to 1 silver coin.

10 silver coins are equal to 1 gold coin.

10 gold coins are equal to 1 platinum coin.


To convert the coins to the next level, hold the stack in your hand and right click it (must be in survival).

To convert the coins to their previous level, hold the stack in your hand and shift right click.


Server admin note: I have implemented a custom packet that will tell the client what the conversion rate is when they join the server. This should stop any cheaters from overcoming the limit and putting their own configured rate in. If you find someone exploiting this please let me know and provide as much info as possible. I'll do my best to fix it!


Villager Trading

As of version 5.3, villager trades no longer exist.


Instead install my other mod, Custom Villager Trades, and you can define your own trades!

Custom Villager Trades - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge


This mod is for FORGE.


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