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Custom Villager Trades is designed to give modpack authors the ability to expand upon the vanilla villager trades. It is packed with fresh features that allow you to have specific control over what is available, as well as the ability to randomize items, amounts, enchantment and more!

This mod works by reading JSON config files from the config/custom villager trades directory. When you first launch the mod, the directory will be created with an example file inside. It is up to you to create the rest! There should be 1 file per-profession.

After loading the trades and checking their validity, the mod will intercept the trade loading event and inject the custom trades in (and if you have enabled the option, it can also remove other trades).


  • A fully customizable trade creation system where you can define basic or advanced trades using JSON.
  • Modify trades for any profession using a simple named config file (excluding the nitwit).
  • You can set "global" trades, these will be applied to any villager that can trade (call the config file "all.json").
  • Trades can be applied based on level.
  • All aspects of the trade can be modified (trade experience, discounts, etc.)
  • Enchantments can be applied to any trade item. This allows for whacky unique items that can't be acquired via normal (vanilla) means.
  • Enchantments can now be randomized in 3 ways, read below.
  • Enchantments can be blacklisted, usable with random enchantment feature.
  • Modded item and block support.
  • Modded profession support - you can add trades to other people's villagers.
  • Remove all vanilla trades - you can do this per-profession.
  • Vanilla wanderer trades can be modified/replaced.
  • Custom potion trades, including random and blacklisted.
  • Custom suspicious stew trades.
  • Custom treasure map trades (with modded structure support).
  • Custom tipped arrow trades (with modded potion effect support). Includes random and blacklisted.
  • Custom potions and tipped arrows can be coloured.
  • Custom NBTs (basic and advanced).
  • Mod support.
  • /reloadCVT command to use ingame - EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE
  • /exportCVT command to export available trades - EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE
  • /addCVT command to add new trades ingame - EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE
  • /removeCVT command to remove CVT ONLY trades ingame - EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE
  • Customizable amount of trades per-level!


You can access the wiki here. It contains a full JSON specification for the latest version of Custom Villager Trades.

Warning: If you are not using the latest version of this mod, some features may not be available to you.


Before asking for help, please consult the wiki.

If you still need further help, you can open an issue here or ask on the discord.


You can use this mod in your modpack.

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