DnT Stronghold Overhaul


This Datapack, the Standalone version of Dungeons and Taverns Overhaul of the Stronghold, Overhauls the Stronghold from the ground up With 417 Different rooms and 5 sub stronghold types
Fair warning, your world/server will Freeze Upon first Structure generation.

Portal Camber

The Portal Chamber collects to the Lobby Complex, Library Complex, an Staircase Complex and the Jail Comples and is always in an fixed location, each frame piece has an 1/9 chance to have an eye of ender, bridges around the center piece can be either fully destroyed, broken down or not damaged at all

Stronghold Lobby Complex

Heart of the structure, connecting the portal room with the Sewer Complex, Staircase Complex and Deepslate complex. the center of the room acts as location where the eye of ender will floats towards. it's location is always fixed within the stronghold.

Staircase Complex

2 of those exist. connecting to the Portal Chamber or Lobby Complex, from here normal rooms and surface rooms generate

Deepslate Complex

connected to the Lobby complex, from here the deepslate rooms generate (the nether portal is only lit for this demonstrative screenshot). it's always located relative under the Lobby Complex by a staircase leading down.

Jail Complex

connects to the Portal Chamber, from here jail room types generate. Its position is always fixed in the stronghold

Library complex

connected to the portal chamber, from here the library room types generate. it contains both an silverfish and cavespider spawner and has several connections to Library Rooms too that don't count towards the usual Library Stronghold room set. Those rooms contain random generated bookshelves with hidden enchanted books. The position of the Complex is always fixed within the Stronghold.

Sewer Complex

Connected to the Lobby Complex, from here the sewer type room generate. Its position is always fixed within the Stronghold.

Surface Rooms

Surface rooms break up to the surface and shape themselves to the terrain, adding easy access to the stronghold leading into the Staircase Complex. Outside of that, are they an exact copy of the normal room types.

Normal Stronghold rooms

Hallways made out of stone bricks with simple furniture and smaller rooms. they contain beds, smaller storage rooms, kitchens, small libraries, springs, smaller hails and other smaller rooms.
It's mobs are Zombies in full iron armour with iron swords, Zombies with half iron armour with an iron axe, and skeletons with half iron armours.

Remixes of classic stronghold rooms

Part of the Normal stronghold rooms are remixes of classic stronghold rooms like the spring, jails, or libraries

Deepslate Rooms

Rooms made out of deepslate in the deepslate layer of the world holding storage rooms and forges.
The mobs spawning with it are Zombies in full gold armour with gold swords, Zombies in half gold armour with gold axes and skeletons in half gold armour.
The Chests have more nether themed loot.

Jail Rooms

those rooms have the most jail type rooms as well as guard chambers. Sometimes in the jailcells are shelves with an chest hidden.
The mobs spawning with those type of rooms are Zombies in half iron armour with an iron axe, Skeletons in full iron armour and Skeletons with half the iron armour.
The chests in this section have an higher chance for the Sentry Armour Trim Template.

Library Rooms

library themed rooms with bookshelves containing hidden enchanted books, cave spiders and unique stronghold librarian zombies, who have an cheep Eye Armour Trim Template duplication trade as well as 3 Enchanted books. they can't be levelled up as they already are max level.
The chest in this area contain more library themed items as well as having an way higher chance of Eye Armour Trim Templates.

Sewer Rooms

Mossy stone brick rooms that are overgrown and flooded with water, creeper, slimes and drowned await you here. Some of the drowned have tridents though so better watch out!
The chest in this area have more copper ingots and slime balls alongside rarely some shells needed for conduits.