DnT Ancient City Overhaul


This Standalone Splinter Version of Dungeons and Taverns adds the Ancient City Overhaul by

  • making the main walls slimmer and taller
  • adding slim roads
  • removing the Deepslate Cobblestone ring structures
  • adding rumble to all Structure parts with archelogy loot tables
  • adding several smaller houses
  • adding smaller versions of the current city parts
  • adding a 2nd ice box structure
  • adding 2 amethyst box structures
  • adding small road lanterns
  • adding alarm towers
  • adding 3 chests in the city center statue
  • overhauling the loot table with
    • adding iron ingots and nuggets
    • adding gold ingots and nuggets
    • adding a rare chance for diamonds
    • allowing all iron and diamond tools and armour to be found, rather than just hoes and pants. hoes and pants are still the most common
    • making the armour trims more rare relative to the amount of chest in the entire city
  • adding soul fire bonfires on the pillars

    Ancient City Enterance

    The pillars have now soul fire bonfires placed on them

    City like City

    The Deepslate Cobblestone rings have been replaced by smaller houses and smaller roads, giving the entire Ancient City an more City maze like feel than the Vanillas open level design. Watch out for Shriekers hiding inside houses and don't get lost within!

    Big Chambers

    5 Types of Big Chambers can spawn within the ancient city now, build after the concept art of the ancient city.

    Illager Camps in the Ancient City

    The Illager Camp structures where made more compact and have now all 3 versions displayed (something that was not happening in vanilla) and have their own loot chest with ancient city raid loot

    Ancient City Archeology

    In all houses can be rumble found mostly made out of cobbled deepslate, with it also spawn gravel and suspicious gravel. get enchanted books, some skulls or sherds from the ancient city deep down below

    Ancient Alarm Towers

    There exist 3 types of alarm towers that can generate within the ancient city, using the new amethyst resonance function to alert the always present sculk shrieker. Tower up to dismantle it.