Distorted Discs

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40+ new music discs to find in your world featuring music by BBoldt in many different genres.


Mod Trailer:

Distorted Discs (Overworld):

BBoldt - 53-X

BBoldt - Bayou

BBoldt, James Svedka - Bounce

BBoldt - Cruisin

BBoldt - Deflective

BBoldt - Friendly Fire

BBoldt - Funky Ninja

BBoldt - Lean

BBoldt - M$ Paint

BBoldt - Rook

BBoldt - Scissor Kick

BBoldt - Tesla

BBoldt - The Great Freeze

BBoldt, JoseJFB, L4ndo - Transcendental Fire

BBoldt - BB-5022


Interdimensional Distorted Discs (End):

BBoldt - Back in Time

BBoldt - Bitbashed

BBoldt - Chill Vibez

BBoldt - Chrono Courier

BBoldt - Duck Dodgers

BBoldt - Electric Knights

BBoldt - Indigo Entrance

BBoldt - Look Deeper

BBoldt - Venus

BBoldt - ytinretE

BBoldt - Zoom

BBoldt - Awakening


Demonic Distorted Discs (Nether):

BBoldt - Backwards

BBoldt - Block City

BBoldt - Doo Wop Ghosts

BBoldt - Emergency

BBoldt - Firewalker

BBoldt - March of the Undead

BBoldt - Necromancer's Laboratory

BBoldt - Order of the Dragon

BBoldt - Reverse the Polarity

BBoldt - The Machine

BBoldt - Light


Damp Distorted Discs (Ocean):

BBoldt - Dubtime 5

BBoldt - Lane 6

BBoldt - Moon

BBoldt - Sailing

BBoldt - Search

BBoldt - Stranded

BBoldt - The Bounce

BBoldt - Obversions


You may use this mod in any modpack, and listen to my beats on videos and streams. Just make sure you credit me. Thanks! ~BBoldt~


Recommended Companion Mods:

You'll probably want to find these discs in modded structures, so I made a datapack that allows for this. If you have any mod support suggestions, let me know.


Datapack for mod loot table support:

Integrated Dungeons and Structures (with datapack)

Awesome Dungeon, Ocean, End, Nether (with datapack)

Sophisticated Backpacks (you will find mobs with backpacks bumping my tunes occasionally)

Just Enough Resources (helpful to find what structures generate discs as loot)

OpenLoader (to load datapack easier, place .zip in /config/openloader/data)






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