Dimensional Edibles

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Have you ever heard of End Cake, one of the important elements mainly in Skyblock packs? Yes, there is already a mod for it, but it's only available for 1.7.10 - 1.10.2. End Cake has been absent since 1.11 and beyond. So, here's this mod!

It's not just End Cake, but more than you expected!


  •  End Cake: Inspired by the End Cake in Dimensional Cake, they function pretty much the same, except the texture this mod uses is a custom-made one
  •  Nether Cake: A new cake variant that allows you to go to the Nether, it teleports you to x0, z0 of the Nether upon eaten
  •  Overworld Cake: A new cake variant that allows you to go to the Overworld from other dimensions, it teleports you to the world spawn upon eaten
  •    Ender Apple, Nether Apple and Overworld Apple: Apples variant of the cakes, allows single-use teleportation
  • Want some more other cakes / apples in your modpack? You can add custom edibles as of version 1.3 of the mod! See the section below for more information.
  • Configurable config options to:
    • Enable / disable each items / blocks
    • Edit what "fuel" each cake uses
    • Customizing teleportation coordinates to different dimensions
    • Enable / disable pre-fueled cakes upon placed
  • JEI Integration: Every items / blocks in this mod have a detailed description on JEI, acts as an ingame wiki

  • Waila (Hwyla) / The One Probe integration for cakes: Shows you how much "fuel" each cake in the world has




Adding your own custom edibles

  • To add your own custom cakes / apples, look into the customedible section of the mod's config file
    • Here's an example of the config:
    • This would create edibles for the Mining Dimension (from Aroma1997's Dimensional World) and the Deep Dark (from Extra Utilities 2)
    • Mining Dimension using Stone Pickaxe as cake fuel while the Deep Dark using Cobblestone as cake fuel
    customedible {
        # Set a list of dimensions to add cakes / apples for.
        # Format: <Dimension ID>, <Cake / Apple Name>
        # Example: 0, Overworld
        # Note: "Cake" is automatically appended onto the end of the name for cakes.
        S:dimensions <
            6, Mining Dimension
            -11325, Deep Dark
        customcake {
            # Set the fuel used by Custom Cakes.
            # Format: <Dimension ID>, <Fuel Registry Name>
            # Example: 0, minecraft:apple
            S:fuel <
                6, minecraft:stone_pickaxe
                -11325, minecraft:cobblestone
            # Set to true to make all Custom Cakes pre-fueled upon placed.
  • You may add as many custom cakes / apples as you like, but you have to add the crafting recipes for the cakes / apples yourself via CraftTweaker as this feature is mainly intended for modpack creators

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Source Code & License

Using this mod in modpacks

You are allowed to use this mod in any modpacks you would like regardless public or private. But please note that if the compiled mod jars are being modified, any bug reports on my GitHub about a modified jar are not accepted since I've signed my jar using my own key and modifying it will void the warranty. Unless you know what you're doing, be careful.

If you have further details would like to ask me in person, feel free to DM me through one of the methods below!

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Special Thanks

  • ColossalPercy for making all the item / block textures
  • Turkey2349 for solving some problems I've encountered in making this mod


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