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Diamond Nuggets

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Diamond Nuggets

For Forge and Fabric


The Fabric version of this mod requires: Fabric API

The Forge version of this mod is marked as beta due to CurseForge limitations.


Diamonds are the main item involved in trading on many servers.
But what if you wanted to sell something that cost less than a Diamond?
This mod is for you! You can now use Diamond Nuggets to trade instead!
Diamond Nuggets allow a more precise value for your items.



Crafting and Obtaining

Just as you would expect, one Diamond can be crafted into 9 Diamond Nuggets.
9 Diamond Nuggets can be crafted into one Diamond.
Diamond Armor and Tools can be smelted in blast furnaces into Diamond Nuggets. (v1.3+)

Image of the Diamond Nugget


Feel free to use this in your mod pack, a link to this page is not required but would be appreciated.