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DGWeapons is a modification for postapocalyptic server: Darkness Grounds - The Last City. Mod contains many 3D melee weapons, starting from the plank to Japanese Katana.




 As i'm only a beginner and i'm not too on top, i have for you little votting, about versions on which you the most wanna see this modification: https://www.strawpoll.me/20694776





 If you want to change craftings, then you have to open .jar file with either WinRar or 7-Zip, go into "\assets\dgweapons\recipes" and open the .json file you want to modify. You can check the recipe ID you want to modify via "JEI" mod.


Current features:

- Big range of weapons which is still growing
- Armors
- Half-realistic crafting of weapons and other items
- Random quality system (Bad, Good and Perfect), which changes the statistics of a weapon
- Every weapon stat is configurable (attack speed, attack damage and durability)
- Melee weapons have their enchantments disabled (there's an upgrade system in making, which will be able to change some of the stats)
- Option to enable/disable Vanilla swords/Vanilla Enchanting Table crafting
- Option to enable/disable enchanting this mod's weapons via Enchanted Book (this option is going to be removed once weapon upgrade system is finished) Modification has been made mainly for my server (Darkness Grounds), which doesn't mean that you can't use it for your server or modpack.


ToDo list:

- Add addon system
- Add player buffs
- Fix unknown bugs
- Add frying pan, a decorative tree and few other fun weapons (with an option to disable them)
- Add option to change percentages of weapon's quality and the frequency of dropping Flax from Double Grass
- Create a Discord server for this modification
- Polish textures of some items
- Add postapocalyptic decorative blocks with an option to enable/disable them




This mod can be used without problems on a public Minecraft server.


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