Don't go swimming with armor!

1,586 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod gets develoop so be aware of bugs!

(The alphas could contain bugs, the betas should not (if i found no bugs and no one is reportet, it gets changed to release))


If you find a Bug go to the Issues tab



You need AppleCore

1. Features

2. Future

3. Permissions



At this point it just gives you a slowness effect in water,

based on your armor points and you lose more hunger.




You will sink with heavier armour and

a enchantment to prevent this


If you have an idea just write it in the comments



You are allowed to use this mod in a Modpack, if you make credit to me

and a link back here.


If you made a video you have to make a link to the curseforge page of this Mod.


Rehosting this mod is forbidden,

if you want to repost this addon for a good reason(like to translate it)

you need to ask permissions and get it to repost this mod!





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