Bedwars Lucky Block

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Bedwars Lucky Block


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1. Description

2. Need Mods

3. Modpacks, Videos etc




This pack has a BW based armor and Tools:

The leater stuff is orange-red colour

All OP items are crafteball for recipes just install NEI


An Helmet thats textured like leather helmet gives Armor like

an diamond helmet and the saturation effect


The Chestpiece is textured like the vanilla chain Chestpiece

gives Armor like Diamond and Resistents X


The Leggings is textured like the leather one

and provide No-Knock


The boots are like Leather Boots with Diamond Armor

setblock under you sandstone de/activation by the red/green of on/off gem

(I know that you get sometimes two instance of one gem)

Its have also an +0.5 Speed Atribute


The Pickaxe and Knockback Stack

Just have +100000 Range on both items

The Pickaxe have lvl 10 Effiency,

the stick has lvl 10 Knockback.


An item with fire aspect,

right klick to summen a fireball

how do you can summon and shot on hypepixel.

Then just hit it and see the fireball flying away



A Chestplate thats work like a TNT Sheep

Have fun and explode (wearing it and right click on rose red)

This is a screen of the work, have fun


A Sword thats kill your enemy instand


A feather that make you fly but not so easy like the fly effect from potion core

so try it!


2.Mods that you need

You need the Lucky Block mod

for 1.8.0 this is really importent

if you downloading the 1.8 the Addon

doesn't work

Potion Core



3.Modpack, Videos etc

If you use this Addon in a Modpack,

make a link back and

call me the Author of the Addon

in the credits etc


If you use this in a Video should make a link 

back to this site



If you find an Bug/Fail please Post a comment


Have Fun









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