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5,399 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


This is a continuation/remake of EiraIRC by BlayTheNinth. As of now I will be updating EiraIRC to the newest version until I have my remake fully working or at least the IRC part working.

Planned Features (For the remake)

  • All or most features of the old version
  • Lua api (I'll figure it out)
  • Better UI (Some what (for me mostly))
  • Other 'features'

Change Log

  • eirairc-mc1.12.2-5.0.5
    • The null crash/message not showing up in chat
    • The null crash when you would go fullscreen with no screenshots
  •  eirairc-mc1.12.2-5.0.4
    • (Re)Fixed the bug that causes the server to crash due to the missing Minecraft class
  •  eirairc-mc1.12.2-5.0.3
    • Updated to 1.12.2
  •  eirairc-mc1.11.2-5.0.2
    • Fixed server/client crash
    • Fixed command autocomplete
  • eirairc-mc1.11.2-5.0.1
    • Fixed null exception when you receive a message on multiplayer
  • eirairc-mc1.11.2-5.0.0
    • Updated to 1.11.2

Original post text

This mod connects Minecraft to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. On a Minecraft client it acts like any other IRC client, on the server it turns into a bridge-bot. Configuration is highly customizable and the mod includes a few special features such as name colors, Twitch chat and screenshot upload.



  • IRC Client (supports multiple servers/channels)
  • Bridge Bot (IRC for Servers - relays Minecraft Chat <=> IRC)
  • Twitch Chat (Integrate Twitch Chat into Minecraft, including name colors and emotes)
  • Screenshot Upload & Share (automatically upload taken screenshots and share them in Minecraft or IRC)
  • Screenshot Gallery (sorted by time taken, supports favorites and easy upload)
  • Configurable Bridge Bot Commands (run ingame commands using IRC, such as /forge tps)
  • Server Control (authenticated users can be given permission to run Minecraft OP commands and vice-versa)
  • NickServ, Private Messages, Name Colors, !who command

(Took this from the original mod post)


If you have issues like a crash or compatibility problem please use the issues link as to not clutter the comments.


I'm more active on Discord and will be notified faster than commenting.


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