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Desolation for Fabric 1.20


📋 Features:

  • A new biome, the Charred Forest, including several variants.
  • Two new mobs: the Ash Scuttler and the Blackened.
  • One new wood type, Charred Wood, and all its associated blocks.
  • Useful new resources to collect, including ash and cinderfruit.
  • New protective equipment (masks and goggles).
  • A powerful new potion to brew.


📸 Screenshots:


📜 Full Feature List:

New Blocks:

Charred Wood - Log variant that drops charcoal bits when broken

Charred Soil

Charred Branches

Ash Bramble

Powdered Ash Block

Block of Activated Charcoal

Ember Block - Damages the player like a magma block when stood on and can set them on fire; drops charcoal when broken

Cooled Ember Block

Cinderfruit Plant

Scorched Tuft

New Items:

Ash Pile

  • Can be thrown to blind enemies
  • Can be used as a fertilizer; roughly 0.25x the efficiency of bone meal

Charcoal Bit

  • Smelts two items; can be crafted into charcoal in a 2x2 square

Activated Charcoal

  • Black powder produced by heating charcoal in a furnace

Air Filter & Mask

  • Mask can be worn in the head slot to counteract the biome's debuffs (Weakness & Mining Fatigue)


  • Blocks blindness debuffs when worn in the head slot


  • Can be consumed to restore hunger and provide brief fire protection
  • Can be fed to Ash Scuttlers

Infused Powder

  • Crafted from 8 activated charcoal and 1 cinderfruit
  • Used as an alternative ingredient for fire resistance potions

Primed Ash

  • Crafted from 8 activated charcoal and 1 ash
  • Used to brew potions of blindness

Heart of Cinder

  • Rare drop from Blackened
  • Used to brew potions of Cinder Soul

New Mobs:

Ash Scuttler

  • Wanders around the charred forest passively
  • When fed Cinderfruit, will dig up a nearby ash block for the player and produce an item


  • Burned, darkened skeleton variant
  • Can throw ash clouds which blind opponents or perform a melee attack
  • Drops bones, ash, and very rarely a Heart of Cinder

New Vanilla Recipes:


  • 1 Bone Meal + 1 Clay + 1 Charcoal -> 1 Gunpowder

Potion of Fire Resistance

  • Awkward Potion + Infused Powder -> Potion of Fire Resistance

New Potions:

Potion of Cinder Soul

  • Awkward Potion + Heart of Cinder -> Potion of Cinder Soul
  • Grants massive damage and resistance boosts, fire resistance, and a dash ability (bound to V by default)

Potion of Blindness

  • Awkward Potion + Primed Ash -> Potion of Blindness


🎥 Showcases:




👥 Contributors:

  • Desolation for 1.20+ is maintained by gniftygnome! ❤️


  • Simplified Chinese: Samekichi
  • Russian: TafeDon


⚠️ Crashing? Read this first:

  • Do you have Trinkets API for Fabric installed? If not, install it.
  • Do you have the appropriate version of Geckolib for Fabric installed? If not, install it. Versions 1.0.4+ require Geckolib 3. Earlier versions require Geckolib 2.
  • If you are using a version that requires Geckolib 2.0.0, Sodium is incompatible and will crash on startup.
  • If you want to run the mod on a server, make sure you're using or higher - older versions will crash in multiplayer.


>> This mod is for Fabric. An unofficial and unsupported Forge port is available here. <<


My other mods:

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