Desert Upgrade



Mod About?

As you can see through the Title and Mod Icon, that this Mod updates the Desert

There are many different way this Mod updated the Desert

Some being, Adding Bandit Factions throughout the Desert, also adding over 35 Structures

This Mod also adds new Armor pieces, tools and more

One of my Favorite Items from the Mod is the Leveling Pickaxe 

The pickaxe is easy to craft when in desert and keeps upgrading while you mine

Those are the basics of the mod , There is also a In-Game Guide Book(Took me 3 Weeks to make)

Guide Book From In-Game(Please Read)

I also have an online Wiki made on my own website: Desert Upgrade Wiki

How to craft the guide Book:


Going From Home Page to Page 15 and Extra tips Page:



Extra info


This mod took over 3 Months to make and I am very happy to complete it

let me know any issues or bugs you may find :)

There are lots of structures. Some are in the Images/Screenshots Tab

Showcase by Me:

English Review:


not done yet, I am looking for someone to make it


Other Languages/Videos:

Dutch by De Verloren Gamer




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