Default Amplified Biomes 2

152 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1


Port of the Original DAB to 1.16.5



About DAB 2:

- Default Amplified Biomes(DAB) is a biome mod that adds 13 amplified vanilla biomes to world types outside of 'Amplified'(some have even said it's better than the amplified generator). These world types include but are not limited too: BOP, Large Biomes, Default, Buffet, and many more!


- This mod does not add any modded blocks, entities, or dimensions.

- Highly Customizable Config w/ modpack creators in mind!  Set biome spawn weight, scale, and depth. See screenshot below

- There are no guarantees if this mod will spawn in or generate amplified in world types that modify the noise generator of Minecraft. If you find an incompatibility please leave it in the comment section of this project and I will see what I can do to allow compatibility(no guarantees).


- I highly recommend loading these Biomes into a Buffet Surface world!

- 4x the amount of emeralds will spawn in all amplified biomes.

-Villages are 5x larger in amplified biomes(where applicable).

Mod recommendations:

Yung's Better Caves

Snow Under Trees

Kelvin's Stacked Dimensions

Future plans:

- This mod should see future versions(possible backport to 1.12.2 that will not be maintained) and additional biomes related to Vanilla(maybe other mods) in coming updates.



Amplified Bamboo Forest

Amplified Badlands(Mesa)

Amplified Birch Forest(Tall Variant)


Amplified Dark Forest


Amplified Desert


Amplified Forest


Amplified Giant Spruce Taiga


Amplified Giant Tree Taiga


Amplified Ice Spikes


Amplified Jungle


Amplified Mushroom Fields(Mooshrooms)


 Amplified Snowy Taiga

Amplified Amplified Snowy Tundra 

All Images captured in Buffet World Type.




Known Issues:

-None Currently


- Description weirdness is Curse's fault