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Debug Keybind


Ever felt annoyed that you needed to press FN + F3 JUST to open the F3 menu on a laptop?

Have you ever wanted to REBIND any of the keys related to the F3 menu but couldn't because they're HARD-CODED?


⌨ Debug Keybind (the solution)

debug keybinds screen

Debug keybind is a mod that allows you to rebind the (previously) hard-coded F3 menu and all of it's actions.

Didn't like F3+Q? You can easily rebind it as if it was a normal keybind. Don't like F3+G? It can be rebound in the exact same way.

Just open the debug keybinds menu, and you'll be on your way!

👤 How do I open the Debug Keybinds menu?

Opening the menu is super simple. You can open it from your modloader's Config Screen, but it can also be opened with a conveniently placed button next to the normal keybinds button! new controls screen

🎮 Mod Dependencies?

Fabric/Quilt Dependencies

The Fabric version of DebugKeybind doesn't immediately require any external mods. However, Mod Menu is nice if you don't want to navigate the minecraft options menus.

Forge Dependencies

The Forge version of DebugKeybind does not require any dependencies.

đź›  Building

If you'd like to build this mod on your own machine, follow these steps.

  • Download the source code from GitHub (Code -> Download zip)
  • Extract the zip file onto your local machine, and open the folder.
  • Open a terminal prompt in said folder
  • Run the command "gradlew build"
    • The fabric build will be in "fabric/build/libs"
    • The forge build will be in "forge/build/libs"