DarkLoot - Better Mob Loot

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Want an Elytra after killing the Ender Dragon? or want better rewards from killing mobs? Get DarkLoot and receive better loot for most mob kills alongside new items |  View Changelog

Created by the same authors who made DarkRPG (for a full RPG experience, get the DarkRPG modpack and enjoy quests and rpg gameplay)

Download DarkBindings & DarkQuesting & DarkRTP & DarkTides & DarkNinja mods to get the full RPG package.

Server side is supported. You can install this on the server and not need to have it installed on the client.



(Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks to these features)

- Standard Vanilla mobs give very minimal drops and sometimes those aren't guaranteed. With the DarkLoot mod you can be guaranteed better drops with increased quantities as well as getting additional items that would not normally drop in your vanilla game.

- The loot dropped is based on a weight system which means you will receive some items more frequently than others.  (The Ender Dragon and Wither will drop every single item on each kill).


Some examples of mob drops:- 



Full Mob Drop List

* = Guaranteed Drops

- Rotten Flesh* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Iron Ingot x2
- Diamond x1
- Diamond Sword x1
- Diamond Ore x1
- Carrot x1
- Potato x1

Spider (cave spider has higher drop rate for redstone ore)
- String* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Spider Eye x8
- Redstone Ore x1

- Bone* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Arrows x10
- Bone Block x1
- Bow x1

- Feather* x4-6 (more with looting)
- Raw Chicken x2
- Egg x1

- Beef* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Leather x2
- Cooked Beef x1
- Gold Ingot x1

- Porkchop* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Saddle x1
- Cooked porkchop x1
- Porkchop x1 (extra drop)

- Leather* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Saddle x1
- Carrot x1

Skeleton Horse
- Bone* x6-10 (more with looting)
- Bone Block x1
- Saddle x1
- Arrow x12

- Arrow* x15-25 (more with looting)
- Crossbox x1
- Golden Sword x1
- Gold Ingot x10
- Quartz x2
- Gold Block x1

- Ghast tear* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Gunpowder x1
- Soul Sand x1

Magma Cube
- Magma cream* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Glowstone x1
- Shroomlight x1

- Slimeball* x2-4 (more with looting)

- String* x4-8 (more with looting)
- Saddle x1
- Lead x1
- Magma Block x1
- Nether Gold Ore x1

- Shulker Shells x4-6 (more with looting)
- Shulker Box x1
- Chest x1
- Pink Wool x5

- Phantom Membrane* x4-6 (more with looting)
- Lime Bed x1
- Elytra x1

- Blaze Rod* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Blaze Powder x4
- Brewing Stand x1

- Porkchop* x4-8 (more with looting)
- Saddle x1
- Crimson Fungus x3
- Warped Fungus x3
- Pigstep Music disc x1

- Ender Pearl* x2-4 (more with looting)
- Mycelium x1
- Crimson Nylium x1
- Warped Nylium x1
- Podzol x1
- Pumpkin x1
- Melon x1
- Mud x1
- Dirt x1
- Sand x1

Wither Boss
- Anvil* x1
- Nether Star* x1
- Diamond Block* x2
- Cactus* x1
- Soul Sand* x1
- Wither Skeleton Skull* x1

Ender Dragon Boss
- Elytra* x1
- Diamond Block* x9
- Diamond* x9
- Enchanted Golden Apple* x9
- Netherite Ingot* x12
- Phantom Membrane* x10
- Firework Rocket* x25


Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.