Dark Elevators

6,441 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.14

This project has been discontinued until further notice. I have no plans to continue maintaining the mod, or to allow a new maintainer at this time.


This mod adds a new block to the game called an Elevator. The elevator can teleport players to other elevators that are above or below it. To use an elevator, simply place it in the world, and then place another one above or below it. Look in the direction you want to teleport (up or down) and then sneak/crouch.


The elevator is crafted by surrounding an enderpearl with 8 pieces of wool. The wool must be the same color. You will receive two elevators of the same color as the wool used to craft them.


Quick notes

  • The area between the elevators does not need to be empty.
  • Elevators will only teleport you to an elevator of the same color. They will simply skip/ignore elevator blocks of other colors.
  • Elevators have a max distance of 10 blocks between them.
  • Config options will be coming Soon™.



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