675 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 15, 2013 Game Version: 1.6.4

Danny's Mod is a mod that i created to help me develop my knowledge of java, as i learn i will be adding more to this mod in my free time. This mod currently has a wide variety of ores that have different durability's and some ores damage you upon contact.


• Randomly generating ores in the overworld. Working on Nether and End ores.

• Various different tools. Currently 4 different tool sets. Working on adding special enchants.

• Various different armor sets. Currently 4 different armor sets. Working on adding special enchants.

• A wide variety of food to help you survive that little longer!

• For screenshots of the mod go to this minecraftforums thread.

This is all that is in the mod so far! this is still in development and if you would like to suggest an idea i would be more than happy to listen! Dannys Mod Wiki [Under Development]


Link to all spotlight videos

If you would like to create a video showing the mod off you are more than welcome to! just message me the video link and i will add it to the thread!

Please ensure you use a clean minecraft.jar and delete any old configs to let new ones generate.

Single Player

1, Download the latest version of minecraft forge here: http://www.files.minecraftforge.net/. 2, Put DannysMod.zip into your /mods/ within .minecraft.

Multi Player 1, Install minecraft forge like you would for single player but for forge. 2, Install DannysMod just like you would with single player. 3, Then run the server with Universal-Forge-XXXX.jar then enjoy the mod with your friends!


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