Danny's Mod

2,132 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 17, 2011 Game Version: Beta 1.8.1


This mod brings multiple new items, blocks and food into minecraft.


There are 5 Ores so far and im planning to add more in the future!

Shadow Demonite illuminite Fire Pure

All of these ores are rare and found on layer 30 and below, some of them glow. (I am working on how to make fire ore hurt you,I have just got to find the code for it.)


ShadowSword ShadowShovel ShadowPick ShadowHoe ShadowAxe ShadowBlock ShadowHelmet Shadowchest ShadowLegs ShadowBoots

All of these images are the same with every other material.


Food: Donuts Burger(W.I.P) Ice Cream

With the Food's its not that hard to craft them some of them are easy to make some of them arn't so easy, for example you will need Cocoa Beans for some of them and so on.


Burger Recipes : BurgerTop BurgerBase RawMeat CookedMeat Burger

Donut Recipes:

PlainDonut SprinkleDonut ChocolateDonut CaramelDonut SprinklePot ChocolateFlavouring CaramelPot Flour Caramel

Ice Cream Recipes:

Icecreamcone IceCream flakeIcecream SprinkleIceCream chocolate Sprinkles FlakePot Flake plastic


This part of the mod involves bombs, so far there are 3, and they are Bombs, Dynamite and Molatov's

W.I.P: Adding More Bombs: Iron, Gold and Diamond Tipped Dynamite Making Molatov's spread fire instead of exploding Adding Oil to improve the making of the Molatov's Images:

EmptyBottle UnlitMolatov Molatov Dynamite Bomb

If you have any suggestions on what i could add and what you would like to see improved! I will try to message back as soon as i can, i do have school so i will check and hopefully i will like it and add it into the mod


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