Damage Source

1,178 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 15, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Display to players the amount of damage they suffer, as well as the source of the damage.


For example:

PlayerXX damaged for 3.0 by EntityZombie(mob)

PlayerXX  damaged for 4.0 by EntitySlime(mob)

PlayerXX damaged for 1.0 by inFire

PlayerXX damaged for 1.0 by onFire

PlayerXX  damaged for 1.0 by starve

PlayerXX  damaged for 7.0 by fall


As of now, this is more a debugging tool than a mod you would use daily...

Let me know if you would like some improvements, like to put the output in a sort of book you can look when you want instead of having a constant output in the chat.


This mod was created after a request from Iskandar, to track the origin of random damages that appears to come from nowhere...


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