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Daleeny's MoreMeats Mod

MoreMeats Mod by Daleeny

MoreMeats adds a few more meat variants to the game that come from more exotic vanilla animals as well as a special food recipe and a recipe to cure Pufferfish.



All of the Meat types and how they will drop:


- Squid Meat dropped by Squid when killed

- Turtle Meat dropped by Turtles when killed

- Pufferfish Meat (Fugu) Produced by Pufferfish detoxification with Milk

- Llama Meat (Venison) dropped by Llama when killed

- Fox Meat dropped by Foxes when killed

- Parrot Meat (Poultry) dropped by Parrot when killed

- Bear Meat dropped by Icebear and Panda when killed

- Horse Meat dropped by Horses and donkeys when killed

- Goat Meat dropped by Goats when killed


All of the Meats are dropped raw and can be cooked in the Furnace, Smoker and over a Campfire


Special Fugu and Turtle Soup Recipe:


1. To craft the Raw Fugu (cured Pufferfish) You'll need:

(Any arrangement works)

- Milk Bucket

- Pufferfish


2. To craft the Turtle Soup you'll need:

(Any arrangement works)

- Turtle Shell 

- Cooked Turtle Meat

- Dried Kelp

- Brown Mushroom