Daleeny's MoreFoods Mod

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MoreFoods Mod by Daleeny

MoreFoods adds a few more food related items to the game. The mod is vanilla friendly and due to that it only adds a few carefully considered items and recipe's to the game while keeping the resource foundation vanilla.



All of the New Items and how to get them:




- Apple Pie - (Apple, Egg and Sugar placed in crafting grid)

(Any arrangement works)

- Raisins (Sweetberries cooked in either Furnace, Smoker or Campfire)

Honey Candy (Honey Bottle cooked in either Furnace or Smoker)

- Glazed Apple (Honey Bottle placed over Apple in crafting grid)

- Porridge (Bowl, Raisins, Milk and wheat put into crafting grid)

(Any arrangement works)

- Fruit Salad (Bowl, Melon Slice, Apple and Sweetberries put into crafting grid)

(Any arrangement works)


Main Dishes:


- Braised Bamboo Shoot (Bamboo cooked in either Furnace, Smoker or Campfire)

- Boiled Egg (Chicken Egg cooked in either Furnace, Smoker or Campfire)

- Cheese (Milk cooked in either Furnace or Smoker)

Chives (2 Allium flowers placed in crafting grid)

(Any arrangement works)

- Bone Broth (Bowl, Bone, Brown or Red Mushroom and Chives put into crafting grid)

(Any arrangement works)



If there are any issues with the mod please let me know so i can fix them.


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