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Filename Cyclic-1.12.2-1.19.19.jar
Uploaded by Lothrazar
Uploaded Dec 30, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 3.58 MB
Downloads 343,338
MD5 3ad2493ab7d4d9f93a31dc34c5f87312
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Fixed a rendering issue.
  • Fixed a bug with transfer nodes and Real Filing cabinets.
  • Cleanup some log messages.
  • Fixed a fluid bug with extraction cable.
  • Fixed visual bug where the energy bar display would stop updating when the machine was turned off.
  • Fixed fang spells from Evoker Fang weapon not despawning and building up entity count.
  • Health system internally upgraded by BlueAgent; data is now stored as a health modifier and does not edit players raw health value which means it is now fully compatible with other health systems & mods.
  • Reduce Packager lag by only searching for a new recipe when the inventory contents changes.
  • Reduce Auto Crafter lag by only searching for a new recipe when the inventory contents changes.
  • New command added /setfood.
  • Merchant Almanac GUI no longer has the JEI sidebar; this fixes the tooltip rendering issue.
  • New configs added AutoUserLargestTick and AutoUserSmallestTick in case servers need to restrict useage speed of the machine.
  • Fixed a crash if Block Miner was breaking a block and also pushed by Sticky Piston with Quark's tile entity integration.
  • Excavation enchant no longer crashes if some other mod forces its level past the natural maxumum (7, 100, etc).
  • Harvester and garden scythe now compatible with mods that use BlockCrops:getMaxAge() to override the Age property max value such as Pizzacraft.

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