Cyanide (Forge)

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Cyanide (Forge)

cyanide seems to be something that will make me want to drink cyanide a lot less - Starmute, world generation datapack wizard.



For anyone familiar with Minecraft's configurable data pack based world generation since 1.16, the following error message will look annoyingly familiar:

Error without Cyanide

Do you know what's going on here? What file the error is present in? What other errors are hiding behind this absolute mess of a log message? I sure as hell can't decode this into anything that useful. Let's see what the exact same datapack produces if we instead add Cyanide:

Error with Cyanide

Wow! Let's break that down:

  • Cyanide identified that there were in fact, three errors in the above datapack, and notified us of them all.
  • In each case, the exact file, and datapack was able to be printed attached to each error.
  • Along with the error, additional trace information was provided, such as notifying that the missing feature was at index 7, at step "underground_ores" (index 6).
  • The errors are nicely formatted, separated, and grouped by relevant error location.


For a full list of all improvements that Cyanide makes to datapack world generation errors consult the features list on github.