Cyanide (Fabric)


N.B. New Fabric Versions

This project only contains old versions of Fabric Cyanide and is not being maintained! New versions can be found on the Main Cyanide Project. Moving forward, both Forge and Fabric versions will be uploaded to that project, as per CurseForge's project guidelines.

Cyanide (Old Fabric Versions)

cyanide seems to be something that will make me want to drink cyanide a lot less - Starmute, world generation datapack wizard.


For anyone familiar with Minecraft's configurable data pack based world generation since 1.16, the following error message will look annoyingly familiar:

Error without Cyanide

Do you know what's going on here? What file the error is present in? What other errors are hiding behind this absolute mess of a log message? I sure as hell can't decode this into anything that useful. Let's see what the exact same datapack produces if we instead add Cyanide:

Error with Cyanide

Wow! Let's break that down:

  • Cyanide identified that there were in fact, three errors in the above datapack, and notified us of them all.
  • In each case, the exact file, and datapack was able to be printed attached to each error.
  • Along with the error, additional trace information was provided, such as notifying that the missing feature was at index 7, at step "underground_ores" (index 6).
  • The errors are nicely formatted, separated, and grouped by relevant error location.


For a full list of all improvements that Cyanide makes to datapack world generation errors consult the features list on github.