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This serverside mod lets you edit vanilla messages which are not configurable with forge by default.




Current Messages:

  • Join Message
  • Leave Message
  • Timeout leave message (when timing out serverside)
  • Server stopping kick message
  • Server starting kick message
  • MOTD while server is starting
  • Server starting version
  • Server starting version hover message 
  • Custom Server status 
  • Randomized MOTD
  • Estimated Server start time in start MOTD, works after first start with this mod (since 3.0.0)
  • Kick messages for Idle Timeout, outdated client/server and spam (since 3.0.0)
  • Changable file path for server icon  (since 4.0.0)
  • Special server icon while starting (since 4.0.0)


Everything older than 1.18 is unsupported