Custom Quests

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Custom Quests

This mod adds a "Questing Device" to the game, for which a modpack developer can set quests for in the config. You can either craft one or use the '/customquests give' command. You should think of this mod like the mods BetterQuesting, HardcoreQuestingMode and FTB-Quests. As of this moment the task types can be: "Submit items", "Detect Items" and "Craft items", more will be added on the go. For the rewards, you can execute commands, give the player items and spawn entities at the position of the player and give the player XP! If you got any questions as a pack maker or just as a player, feel free to ask them in the discord (link below)!
Please note that this mod does NOT work with the Blur mod, and possible some other FPS enhancing mods.

Current featues in v2.x.x:
- Draggable Questing canvas. (+shortcuts)
- Scrollable elements for those that may potentially overflow. (like the chapter or the task list)
- All config files appear subfolder to make them easier to find.
- Better information in tooltips.
- Questing Block (Block variant of the Questing Device)
- Task Types: 'itemdetect', 'itemsubmit', 'itemcraft', 'biomedetect', 'blockmined', 'blockplaced', 'checkbox', 'hunt', 'travel', 'xpdetect' and 'xpsubmit'.
- Reward types: 'items', 'command', 'summon' and 'xp'
- Quite good JSON autocompletion/errorcorrection. (on world load or via the reload command)
- Tag (oredict) support for both icons and tasks.
- Placeholder text for some task/reward types (i.e. the command reward)
- API. (thats right, mods can add their own tasktypes, rewardtypes, texttypes and buttonshapes)
- Party support.
- Scalable questbuttons per quest.
- Optional choice rewards.
- Party reward share setting.
- JEI integration.
- Automatic backups.

WIP: (in order of most progress done on them)
- Ingame editor.
- Detailed wiki.
- More config options.
- Zoomable Questing Canvas.

Planned Most important items, the actual list is WAY bigger
- Delivery Block.
- Repeatable Quests.
- Clickable links in text area.
- Side-overlay for the tasks of a selected quest.
- Global Quests. (Progress of a quest being shared by ALL players on a server)
- Pastebin support for downloading premade quests.
- Minimap support for location based tasks.

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Some pictures: Draggable questing canvas and scrollable text/task/reward fields: Pannable
Quest Details
Progress counters/checkmarks for all the tasks:
Progress Counters
"AND" & "OR" support (Other logic operators don't really make sense in a questing mod):
Logic Operators

(this image is proudly copy pasta'ed from LatvianModder 😏)


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