Custom Tweaks

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Custom Tweaks


The goal of Custom Tweaks is to provide modpack authors and server owners with the tools to customize their mod packs in simple yet modular way. Custom Tweaks is made of several modules which each focus on a specific set of customization features. The various modules are disabled by default, and can be enabled by modifying the configuration file. 


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Branding Module

  • Change the yellow splash text which is shown on the main menu to a custom one.
  • Change the title of the window to another one that matches your pack.
  • Add to (or replace) the branding list on the main menu. The one on the bottom left.

Server List

  • Add server entries directly to the player's server list.
  • Remove servers from the player's server list. Intended use is to remove old server IPs.

Update Messages

  • Send messages to clients when they are not using the recommended version of the pack.
  • Specify a message for the main menu.
  • Specify a message to show in chat when the player joins.
  • Messages are pulled from an online json file. See this example.

Planned Features

  • Fancy Rewards - Give your players custom capes or elytras, maybe other fancy effects?
  • Branding Buttons - Add buttons that link to your site from the main menu. (Like discord or curse voice invite links)
  • Starting Items - The ability to define items which will be given to the player when they initially join a world. Like written books.

Possibly Asked Questions

Can this mod be installed on a server?

Yes, this mod will work on both client and server. Although there is no benefit to installing it on the server yet. 

Could you add __________ ?

Probably, however I am only accepting generic suggestions which are useful to the wider audience. 

Can I use this in my modpack?

Absolutely, just provide credit and link back to this post. 

Isn't giving players capes against the EULA? (In reference to the planned feature)

A lot of people seem to think that capes were prohibited in the latest EULA changes, however this is not 100% accurate. In  Mojang's Monetisation Follow Up post they mention that servers are not allowed to sell/give capes away to players, however this is not included in their TOS or EULA. As stated in an earlier version of the post, they want to keep capes as exclusive as possible. 


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