Custom Stuff 3

118,099 Downloads Last Updated: May 28, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Do this or your game will crash:

This is no longer required for the latest versions for 1.10.2 (CS3 0.11.1) and 1.11.2 (CS3 0.10.13).

You need to download Rhino and place the js.jar file that is included in the zip file in your mods folder.


With this mod you can create content like blocks, items or recipes in-game using an easy-to-use GUI. To begin simply press the 'C' key.


  • Fuels
  • Smelting recipes
  • Shaped and shapeless crafting recipes
  • Ore dictionary
  • 22 different blocks
  • 11 different items
  • GUIs
  • ore generation (ore and flower)
  • trade recipes
  • grass plants
  • grass seeds
  • chest items
  • mob spawns
  • dungeon mobs
  • creative tabs
  • mob drops



How to update your pack to MC 1.8:

1.  Delete the .class file in _customstuff/[packid in lowercase]/

2. Make sure the folder of your pack is named exactly as the packs id.

3. Run Minecraft and create a new pack with the same name and id

4. Close Minecraft and check if the .class file in _customstuff/[packid in lowercase]/ has been created.

5. Run Minecraft again. Once started the pack is updated.





You are allowed to include the mod in a modpack if you give visible credit to me (CubeX2).


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