Custom Player Model (CPM)

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Filename cpm-1.0.8-beta.jar
Uploaded by Gamepiaynmo
Uploaded Dec 18, 2019
Game Version Fabric
Size 531.56 KB
Downloads 61
MD5 c9acca8aeda891318ef0222c56b35b5a
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


  • Player bounding box and eye height is now customizable.
  • Update the command system, now you can use commands to switch models.
  • First person view is now customizable.
  • You can now add item models as part of your model.
  • You can now add variables to reduce expression redundance and speed up calculation.
  • There is now a blockbench plugin to export CPM models. Although exported models cannot be used directly, some mannual modifications are needed.
  • No longer need to mannually specify texture size.
  • Model color and alpha is now customizable using expressions.
  • The model skeleton is now customizable, which can be used to adjust model structure (so you can easily turn your self into an enderman, etc).
  • Added basic informations to model packs: id, name, author and version. Models must have id and name to be loaded.
  • Added some model examples with these new features.

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